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Development Process
From specified fabrication based on your design, to the process of developing unique applications, Stone Select provides a team of expertise to meet your architectural and dimensional stone needs.

Whether you’re looking to add old world European inspired works of art, or clean and contemporary pieces that make a bold statement, our design professionals and highly trained fabricators have the ability to turn your ideas into reality.

Generating Ideas: The development process for your next project begins with an idea generating session with our design professionals. Stone Select has an extensive library of pictures highlighting the different applications of interior and exterior stone products including fireplace surrounds, kitchen range hoods, window and door surrounds, statuary, fountains, columns, steps, balustrades, garden elements, urns, etc. We also work with pictures or drawings supplied by our clients and have the ability to replicate your desires in great detail. At this initial meeting we ask our clients to provide some rough overall dimensions of the project in order to work with other aspects of your home or building.

devpic Stone Type and Color Selection: Our design team will work with you to identify a specific stone type and color to best fit your project. Stone Select has relationships with quarries and suppliers from around the world, offering more than 200 species of natural stone in a wide variety of colors and textures.

Developing Concepts: Once an idea and stone has been identified, we can begin the fabrication based on specified pictures or drawings, or help develop unique and fully customized design concepts with detailed architectural drawings.

Fabrication: Our highly trained fabricators will begin the process of carving your piece by hand from a block of stone, supplying pictures as the piece is created.

Installation: Stone Select does not participate in the installation process as many of our clients already have existing relationships with qualified installation contractors. If you or your builder does not have an experienced installer, we can recommend highly specialized installation professionals upon request.


The Finished Product:
The possibilities are endless and Stone Select has the ability of turning a simple picture and concept into a timeless work of art.




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